About GAFE

District 155 is currently piloting Google Apps for Education (GAFE) for students and faculty. This new system, powered by Google, provides Gmail to our students, as well as a suite of other Google products including Google Calendar and Google Drive that will enable us to better communicate, share, and collaborate. We will be joining over 16 million other students and teachers that are already using Google Apps at schools around the world.

This website is intended to be a resource to educate students, parents, community members, and faculty about Google Apps at District 155. Use the links to the left to access the following:
  • About GAFE - Information about GAFE at District 155 (this page).
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - A list of common questions about GAFE with corresponding answers. This page also contains some useful links, as well as a form where users can submit questions for the Instructional Technology team.
  • Video Tutorials - A collection of short videos that demonstrate how to get the most out of GAFE.

What are the benefits of Google Apps and what’s included?

  • Anytime, anywhere access - Google Apps works in any browser on any computer, which means you can access your email, calendars, and documents from school or at home.
  • No flash drives required with documents and files stored in Google Drive
  • Students can easily collaborate with students from other classes, buildings, schools, districts or even different countries, working together on group projects.
  • Teachers can be involved throughout the whole assignment process providing comments and feedback directly in the documents.
  • Students can develop an e-portfolio of work throughout their years at the school.