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Assignment Notebook OR some Day Planner ~ The trickiest part is filling it out:)  I know that I have a day planner, and it does help...if I write the little to-do's down.  It is best to get in the habit of writing things down class by class, or subject by subject. 

Project and longer/ multiple step assignment TO DO.  Ask an adult or friend to help you with the long range planning.

Expandable File ~ a great folder system where everything is in one place, and I recommend breaking it down by subject and allowing a couple of extra tabs for: notes to home/ sign and return/ homework, probably right in the front.  Don't forget to put the fun stuff in too.  Perhaps one for your stories and drawings?

A safe place for NOTES (in middle school)~ Would it be helpful if your notes were all in one notebook?  Try a 5 star.  You still need to make sure you are using the tabs and keeping all of the notes from one subject in the same place.  Teachers want to see good notes.  Some even count them for credit.  Even if the teacher is not saying that you have to write the notes and requiring them for a grade, it is always a good idea to write down what the teacher has on the board.