About Us

                                                                                VH Media is a production club that is all-student operated for the purpose of producing videos and presenting the videos to the community. We tape VHHS events, sports, and specialized programs involving students, faculty, and the VH community. You will learn how to operate a video camera, create graphics, monitor audio, and edit in Final Cut Pro.  Students can join VH Media at any time throughout the year and at any grade level.  The meetings are the every Thursday of the month in room 1309 at 3:30pm.  You will be apart of the VH Media production crew. We broadcast live on High School Cube.com.  We have a You Tube channel called VernonHillsCougarTV.  Our programming also airs on Channel 4 on Comcast Vernon Hills Public Access Channel.  To sign up talk to Ms. Martin in room 1309 or join us at any meeting.

The majority of our programming is live.  Our productions are primarily crewed by VHHS students.  The crew members work on a voluntary basis, and the programming would not be possible if it were not for the commitment and dedication of the student crew.

Also VH Media gives you the opportunity to create your own programs.  If you would like to produce a short script we can create a narrative.  You can create music videos, comedies, documentaries, PSAs, commercials, school projects for class.  We do have equipment you may borrow once you are certified on the equipment.  If you would like to borrow a simple consumer video camera no training is necessary.  We do have Canon X25s and X305s as well which do require training.  We have a green screen which can be used
in the TV studio room 1309.  Just let me know when you would like to use it.  

VHM Advisor
Sandy Martin