VH Media

Welcome to the VH Media Club Page!

VH Media meets on Thursdays in room 1309 

Its open to any grade level and you can join anytime!

Visit our Cube channel to view live broadcasts.
Check out the DVDs available for sale and order them here.  

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our YouTube channel.  

Email:   sandy.martin@d128.org             Phone:  847-932-2132

Programming also airs on Channel 4 on Comcast as part of the Public Access Channel lineup.  

Any student at VHHS can be a part of the VH Media crew.  Crew members help direct, produce, edit and film.  The VH Media production crew is responsible for the Senior Video, recording Fine Arts, Sporting events, and various other productions during the school year. You can also be trained on equipment and borrow equipment for you own projects.  After training you are eligible to be a paid crew member as determined by the advisor.  

Making of the 2014 Senior Video