2017 IHSA 2A Sectional Champions & CSL Champions!

 Team Meeting 5/7
Athletes of Meet: Abby Heinz (NEW SCHOOL RECORD!), Caitlin Kolb (PR!), Rebekah Agnew (PR!)

May 8, 2018- Team Fundraiser:  Portillos from 5pm to 8pm 

May 9, 2018- Pasta Party and Sectional Uniforms

May 10, 2018:IHSA 3A Palatine Sectional: Click here for Lineup and Information

Awards Night: May 15, 2018- 7pm

End of the Year Surveys: Please take the survey evaluating your coach

  • CSL Outdoor Conference Lineup
  • Athlete of Meets from last week: Shea Neary, Amani Vaswani, Shelby Gershik, Naomi Hernandez
  • Pasta Party tomorrow after practice!

4/27- County Results
Athlete of Meet:  Emily Kim, Hannah Ray, Ellie Zaczek

4/23- Team Announcements  
  • The Cougars placed 3rd at the Wauconda Invitational!  The  4x400 set a new school record of 4:18 run by Maddie Paradis, Emily Kim, Caitlyn Kolb, and  Taylor Proft.  Full Results can be found hereWauconda Results

  • Carly Sear and Lauren Katz both ran at the Palatine Distance Night against to the Top Distance runners in the state.  To qualify for Palatine Distance Classic is a great accomplishment.  Carly improved her 3200m PR to 11:13! (13 second improvement).  Great work Cougars! Palatine Distance Night

  • Tomorrow  we have added JV meet @ Highland Park.  The address for the meet is; 
  • Wolters Field, 1080 Park Avenue, Highland Park
  • The line up will be posted here after school.  There will be practice for athletes competing Wednesday (freshman CSL and also  Lake County Invite (varsity)
  • Here is the Highland Park line up HighlandPark JV

  • Here you will find our Freshman CSL Information
  • CSL Freshman Invite 

  • Cougars,Congrats to Leen Abounayef, Vivian Tsai, Kat Ukrainets Chanda Lombanya,  Keri Han and Taylor Proft for earning Athletes of the Week. Leen has shown much improvement (not being able to run more than 1 mile the first day to being able to do a consistent 4 miles.  She pred in the 800 time trial with a 3:27 today!)  Keri Han won the 100m last week in the Blue vs. Silver meet. Being new to Track and Field, she has already made an impact on the team with her positive attitude and leadership.  Taylor Proft, Chanda Lombanya, and Kat Ukrainets all PRed in the throws!  The points in the field events will be a factor in the next meets to come. The enjoyment they have competing has contributed to much of their success.   Last but not least, Vivian Tsai won the 200 in the Blue vs Silver  meet.  Her willingness to try new events earns her Athlete of the Week honors as she is always looking to try to new events to do what is best for the team (she will run her first 4x200 tomorrow!) 

4/16- Glenbrook South Meet vs. VH vs Maine West
  • The line up for our meet can be found  here Glenbrook South Meet Line Up
  • Weather is calling for highs in the mid to upper 30's.  Dress appropriately for the weather.
  • I will know by noon if the meet is canceled due to the cold weather
  • Reminders
    • Practice tomorrow: 3:15
    • Blue vs. Silver Meet
    • Pasta party Friday
    • AJ Relays Saturday
Distance Practice Plan Spring Break

Monday- 5-6 miles

Tuesday- 2 mile warm up, (fartlek-)3 minute pick up (2 mile-3 mile race pace), rest is 1 minute jog, repeat 6- 8 times

Wednesday-Recovery 5-6 miles

Thursday- 2 mile warm up, 8x200s on track rest is 200 jog, 1 mile cool down, (if no track, replace by doing

Friday- 5-6 miles

Saturday- Long run 45 minutes to 1 hr (9 miles max)

Sunday Rest

Monday- 5-6 miles

Congratulations Cougars! 2018 CSL North Dvision Champs! The Cougars were able to hold off Highland Park HS in the 4x400m with a time of 4:13.24 (second fastest time indoor time in school history- school record was 4:12.91 was run at Carthage back in 2012 ( Pearson/Krue/Peacock/Tran ). Event Champions include:
  • JV 400 Taylor Proft 
  • JV 800 Kassie Woolard 
  • JV 1600-Rhea Ramiaya 
  • 4x800 (Vivian Tsai, Payton Makowskyj, Ellie Zazcek, Carly Sear)
  • 4x400 (Lauren Katz, Emily Kim, Jordyn Bunning, Caitlin Kolb)
  • Pole Vault- Abby Heinz
  • 55m Hurdles- Jordyn Bunning
2 new school records were  also broken.  Abby Heinz broke the Indoor Pole vault record with an indoor PR of 10'0.  Lauren Katz broke the indoor 800m record with a time of 2:18.0.  

A great effort was put in by all members of the team.  Numerous PRs were set on both levels. Great work Cougars!

3/14/18-CSL Championship Week and Lake Michigan Last Chance!
Meet Program: Lake Michigan Invite

3/08- HighlandPark Relays
Congrats to Shelby Gershik and Kassie Woolard for earning last weeks athlete of the meet honors.  Here you will find the information for tomorrows meet.

3/04- Congrats to Jibie Joseph, Payton Makowskyj, and Jaelyn Agosto for earning Athlete of Meet Honors at the Buffalo Grove Triangular Meet. Results can be found  Here

An updated list of the 2018 Indoor Season Bests and PRS can also be found Here

Throwers Relay Video

YouTube Video

JV 55m Heats (Block Starts)

YouTube Video

Varsity Heat 1 55 m Heats

YouTube Video

2/26: Meet Line Up For Buffalo Grove Triangular Meet

                                                Splits and Comments: Last Year Buffalo Grove/Stevenson

                                               2017 results vs. Buffalo Grove and Stevenson

Congrats to Natalia Rzepa, Chaemin Kim, Brooke Donaldson and Rachel Koza for earning Athlete of The Meet Honors @ Maine East. Here are the results from the Maine East Quad

2/20-Congrats to Jordyn Bunning for being named to the IHSA All State Academic Team!

  • Image result for jordyn bunning allstate
  • Here is the meet information for the Maine East Quad
  • Strive to be better!  Here are the results from the 2017 Maine East Quad
  •  Splits from last years quad and individual times

  • Lost and Found:  Please let us know if you found a make up bag, (pastel green with flower cutouts).It was last seen in the lockeroom last Monday.  

  • Spike Deal:  Alumni Liz Parker size 9.5. Asking $50-60 for a quick sale. Purchased new in the winter of 2013 for about $130 in anticipation of my senior year at VHHS and running for college, I never raced in them. They've never had spikes in them and were worn for two short sprints on a super nice indoor track down at SIU last spring so I could feel what they were like.

    They come with the original Nike bag, 2 sets of new spikes, a spike wrench, and 1 set of new plastic bumpers. Always kept in the bag, never seen the outdoors/rain/concrete etc. Extremely fast spikes, they will make someone very happy. Asking $50-60 for a quick sale.  (parker.eap@siu.edu)

  • Team store is now open!  Order your team shirt and apparel. Store is open till 2/25  Teamstore  
  • Team photoday is 3/10 (noon)

2/10- Proviso West Splits, Times, and Coaches Comments can be found here

Great work Cougars!  Congratulations to Kelsey Gramins and Emily Kim for Athlete of the Meet Honors.  Emily ran an indoor PR (I believe it is an indoor PR) in the 4x400 meter relay and also had the fastest 200 split for the 4x200m.  Kelsey ran a strong split in the 4x200m and stepped up running the 4x400m last minute.  Full Results can be found here.

Practice for Sprints (2/12) has been moved to 5pm.  This will allow us to utilize the field house.  

4x400m- Katz to Kim.  Katz split a time of 61 seconds.  She also ran a time of 2:20 in the 800m.  This is faster than her school record time of 2:22 set back in 2016.

YouTube Video


YouTube Video

2/1- Evanston Results

Great work Cougars! Strong efforts across the board.  Athlete of the Meet Honors goes to:

Lauren Katz (New school record in 600m with 1:41.1!

Old school record was 1:44.1 by Ally Kim in 2004)

Maddie Paradis

Highlights-320 Varsity

YouTube Video

Highlights: Throws takes top 4 out of 5 spots

Meet Information for Evanston Open

February 1, 2018

Bus Leaves: 3:45pm, should return between 8-9pm

Location:  Evanston Township High School

Teams: Taft, Schurz, Lincoln Park, Brooks Evanston

Results from last year can be found here






Long Jump (4 Entries, 3 jumps)

- Krutsch(Pathfinder)

- Agnew (Aggro Crag)

- Herrara

- Newman(Paul Newman)

- Bhargava

High Jumps (4 Entries, start at 4’0)

- Jacobson(Soup)

- Boswell(The Boss)

- (Hans) Zimmerman

Throws (unlimited entries)

Dorsey, Ukrainets, Koza

Garcia, Hernandez, Otoo, Geleerd, Oganisya,Lombanya, Jordan


3 lap run (480)(10 entries- one level

Tsai, Zaczek,

Chaemin, Chaeyoung, Verma, Arroyo, Deng, Schoenholtz

55 M Dash Novice (8 entries)

Vitaioli, Zimmerman,  Rogers, Herrera, Rzepa, Boswell, Hsieh,


1000 (Frosh-Soph goes first)(6 entries each)

Katz, Sear, Ray, Dohler, Makowskyj

Arribas, Woolard

Frosh 4x160 M (2 entries)

Soph and Varsity 4x160 M (2 entries each)

Agnew, Bhargava, Bunning, Krutsch

Sternfield, Yoon, Zimmerman, Vitaioli

Rogers, Herrara

The Boss, Rzepa

Newman, Agosto, Serra, Paradis

Frosh 160m

Bek, Serra,


Varsity 55 M Hurdles (Unlimited)

Bunning Serra

Frosh 55m (Top 4)

Vashwani, Bek,

Soph (4 entries)Varsity  55 m (Top 4)

Krutsch, Bhargava,

Paradis, Bunning

Soph: Agosto, Newman,

Frosh-Soph 600m (8 entries)

Arribas,Chaemin, Chaeyoung, Virma, Arroyo, Deng, Schoenholtz

Varsity 600m (8 entries)

Katz, Sear, Ray Tsai, Payton, Zaczek, Dohler.

Frosh 160 Dash (10 entries)

Vashwani, Bek, Serra

Frosh 4x320 ( 2 relays)

Soph 4x320 ( 2 entries

, Herrara, Woolard, Vashwani, Bek

*Please turn over page for rest of relay

Varsity 4x320m (2 entries)

Katz, Paradis, Bunning, Bharagava

Jacobson, Agnew,