Welcome to the Write Place!

Who We Are:

Located in Room 166, the Write Place is a resource center where students can come to study, complete homework, and receive assistance with a variety of English/ Language Arts and writing tasks. The Write Place is an area where students can work independently, with student tutors, or with the designated Write Place teacher for the specific class period. During each period (including before and after school), an LHS English teacher is on duty at the Write Place. Students are welcomed and encouraged to meet with a Write Place teacher for English/ Language Arts and writing assistance. While walk-in appointments are available, it is best to sign up for an appointment online prior to meeting with a Write Place teacher.

Let Us Help You With:


                •         Any writing assignment from any subject
                •         English/ Language Arts assignment assistance
                •         College application essays
                •         Scholarship essays
                •         Job-related writing
                •         Free writing

We encourage visits from writers at any stage of the writing process!