Transportation Essential Information

Please contact Lakeside directly if you need information on pickup and drop-off times.  Lakeside does not contact the school directly, except in rare emergency situations, as to delays caused by traffic or weather.  Please contact Lakeside if your student will/will not need a ride to or from school on a small bus.

Lakeside's Contact Phone Number: 847-263-7619
 Ask for Susan, Leslie or Denise

Lakeside maintains a 24 hour answering service.  Please call them directly if you wish to cancel your student's taxi.  

Please advise me, well in advance, if there are any changes to your student's normal transportation arrangements.  Your student will follow normal transportation routines, if I, or one of my teaching assistants, has not confirmed changes, generally by email. 

*Your student is not able to make changes to their transportation arrangements without prior consent from a parent or guardian. 

Club Attendance
Your student may decide to join one of the many clubs offered by LHS.  I will assist you in establishing contact with the LHS club faculty advisor.  

You will establish, with the club faculty advisor,  a club pickup location, time, and contact. phone number
You must advise me if your student will attend a club meeting, if you do not advise me that your student will attend an after-school club meeting, your student will go home on their regularly scheduled transportation.



Keep informed of the wide range of events at LHS, by checking your student's assignment notebook daily.  Check the LHS website and daily bulletin for more detailed information and additional event dates and times.     

Check the d128 website for bell schedules, non- attendance days and information about upcoming events.