Hi everyone! Welcome to my webpage. 
Here you can find information, calendars, and important updates regarding the classes I am teaching this year. 
Stop by the "About Me" page to learn more about me and to find out where I may be during the day. 


Where can you find me during the day...
  • 1st    Algebra 2 (2113)
  • 2nd   MASH 
  • 3rd   Prep 
  • 4th    Algebra 1 (2113)
  • 5th    Algebra 1 (2113)
  • 6th    Lunch
  • 7th    Geometry (236) 
  • 8th   Geometry (236)

*Before school I can be found in room 2113 or office 2115.

**For help after school see me to schedule a time!