Welcome to Ms. Joesten's webpage!  You will find everything you need on this website including completed notes, calendars, worksheets, and links to important websites.  Please check back often for updates! 

I am here to help you!  If you need help in the class, there are several options available.  You can go to MASH (room 1106) starting at 6:30am and during ANY period of the day to receive help from a math teacher! You can also email me at any time and we can set up a time to meet!

CONTACT INFORMATION (Email is the best way to contact me!)
Voicemail: 847-327-7651 
Ms. Joesten's Schedule
2nd HourAlgebra II 
Room 2112
3rd Hour MASH
4th Hour Algebra II
Room 2112
5th Hour    Eating :)
6th Hour Algebra II
Room 2112
7th Hour Algebra II
Room 2112
8th Hour AATS 
Room 2112