Welcome to Ms. Joesten's website!  You will find everything you need here including completed notes, calendars, worksheets, and links to important websites.  

I am here to help you!  If you need help in the class, there are several options available.  You can go to MASH (room 1106) starting at 6:30am and during ANY period of the day to receive help from a math teacher! You can also email me at any time and we can set up a time to meet!

CONTACT INFORMATION (Email is the best way to contact me!)
Voicemail: 847-327-7651 
Ms. Joesten's Schedule
1st HourAlgebra II 
Room 2112
3rd Hour Precalculus 
Room 2112
4th Hour Precalculus 
Room 2112
5th Hour    Precalculus 
Room 2112
7th Hour MASH
8th Hour AATS 
Room 2110