LHS Boy's Track & Field

Team Rules / Coach's Expectations:

GIVE 100% EFFORT, be POLITE and RESPECT everyone and anyone, and have have strong CHARACTER.

LHS Track & Field Mission:
Maximize students social, physical, personal, and psychological development while having individual and team success.

LHS Travel Policy to and from Athletic Events

"All athletes are expected to ride the bus to and from away meets. This is part of belonging to the team. There are assigned buses based on last name; you must ride the same bus to and from the meets. Occasionally, athletes may ride home with their own parents at the completion of the meet. Parents need to sign out their sons on the "sign out" sheet. An athlete may be signed out by another athlete’s parents, but these requests must be approved by the head coach before the meet.  No LHS T&F athlete is allowed to leave the meet with a parent until dismissed from their designated coach or the head coach."


Guidelines for Running Outdoors (Cold weather is Below 40)
1. Warm clothes are needed to run outdoors (L/S Shirts, Sweat pants, Hats, Gloves, etc.)
2. Run on sidewalks whenever possible, NO MORE than 2 runners abreast while running in the roadway
3. When running on the street, run on the left side of the road so you can see oncoming traffic
4. NEVER RUN ALONE and ALWAYS know and follow the route

Contact Information:

Stuart Mendelsohn                               
Head Track & Field Coach
Libertyville High School
708 West Park Avenue
Libertyville, IL 60048