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Curious to see what colleges the LHS Class of 2017 decided to attend?  Check out our map!  Just click on the link to see the name of the college and how many LHS Wildcats will be attending. 


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Summer is officially here! And you are officially SENIORS!

As you plan how to spend your free time this summer, I thought it would be useful to provide some information and tips to make your college search and application process next fall as stress-free as possible.

First, some information:

1.     Our College Crash Course (July 31-August 1, August 2-3) is essentially full, but we are running a wait list.  You can register for the wait list online at

2.     If you will be applying to colleges that utilize the Common Application, you can start working on your application now.  Common App has created “Account Rollover” which allows you to create an application now and it will “rollover” to the new application year.  You cannot submit a Common Application prior to August 1.  Be aware that individual college supplements (additional questions and/or essays) will not be available until August 1 or later.  For more information and to create your account, go to

3.    If you apply to one of the three universities below, you will need to use the Coalition Application(  This new application format is used by multiple colleges, most of whom also utilize the Common Application or their own application.

University of Florida
University of Maryland
University of Washington

4.     Think about college cost.  Utilize the Net Price Calculators available on every college's website to determine your out-of-pocket cost.  If your family plans to apply for need-based financial aid, you can complete the FAFSA any time after October 1—which may be before you complete your college applications.  You will use your 2016 taxes to complete the FAFSA.   

5.     Work on your college essay. You don't have to complete a finished draft, but write down ideas, outlines, and paragraphs to arrive at the beginning of an essay you feel conveys who you are. You will give yourself the gift of a less-stressful start to your senior year. Utilize the tips available at, and sign up for his free guide. If you are applying with the Common Application, check out the essay prompts here.

6.     Mark your calendars for these two programs, where we will go over the process to request transcripts and begin your application process:

Senior College Assembly: Wednesday, August 23, 7:30 a.m. in the Auditorium

Parents of Seniors College Night: Thursday, August 24, 7:00 p.m. in the Studio Theatre

Now some TIPS:

Use Naviance to narrow down your college choices. Check out the colleges' websites and research your options.  Get serious about your list of "Colleges I'm Thinking About."  

Visit college campuses. Even though campuses are less lively in the summer, you can still form a strong impression about whether it's a school where you can picture yourself. Check out our Campus Visit suggestions on the CRC website here.

Read the fine print. As you develop your college list, read their website to determine exactly what is required of you. Have you taken the required tests? Are there essays involved? Do you need letters of recommendation and, if so, how many? Have you taken the right classes in high school? Don't get caught short when it's too late!

Listen to the wisdom of the Class of 2017.  This year's seniors just went through the process, and we asked them what "words of wisdom" they would share with rising seniors.  Almost each one said, "Start EARLY!"  But below are some of the best nuggets.  Read them, follow them, and you too will have a great college application process.

Congratulations, Class of 2018! Remember to visit the CRC often in your senior year, and enjoy your summer.


Find what you love to do and make doing it a priority.

Do what feels right for YOU. Don't let anyone else tell you what you need to do after high school or where you need to go for college; do what your heart is telling you to do!

Don't be overly wooed by prestige or by what others around you are raving about. The only way to really understand where you stand in the college process is campus visits, but not just the tours. You need to know what it feels like to live and learn on that campus, and even more importantly, what kind of people are there to inspire you. Drop in on seminars. Go to a coffee shop and eavesdrop. Wander the campus without expectation and see what exciting things you come across. And most importantly, if you're not feeling it, MOVE ON. There will absolutely be a college out there that feels like you want your life to feel, but you're the only one that can know that.

Don't try and write what you think colleges want to hear; each and every one of them looks for something different, and it's impossible to discern what they're searching for. At the end of the day, you need to fill out your applications and write your essays from your perspective: You're not just looking for a college; colleges are looking for the right candidates, too. Also, don't look at colleges as a gauge of your success. It may be easy to sulk in deferrals, rejections, or wait lists, but everything happens for a reason, and if the "school of your dreams" rejects you, perhaps it wasn't really supposed to happen.

Take as much time as you need to decide where you want to go, not where somebody else wants you to go. Also consider how your college choice will affect your life after college.

If you want to play a sport, make sure you find a school you would want to attend even if you weren't playing.

Jump on your applications and get them done early! Don't procrastinate. And thoroughly write down all of your emails, IDs, PINs, passwords, and whatever else the college has you do so you don't forget.

Picking a college, the right college, requires a lot of self understanding and self-exploration. Before looking for colleges, understand who you are and what you stand for, therefore deeming everyone else's opinions less important than yours, as it should be. In the end, this idea of self-realization makes the process a lot more seamless.

Start early and don't always think you know best! Let someone who is a bit more knowledgeable about kinds of schools (THE CRC) guide you in the right direction. You won't always know of the school you love in sophomore or even junior year.

Don't be blind to other options. As much as you might think that you have the perfect school picked out and you don't need to look at any other schools, you might be wrong; in fact, you probably are. At least take a look at some suggestions that others have.

Power through everything: putting college stuff off just prolongs the agony. If you do everything early, you will have much more relief when you are done.

VISIT!!! It was the single-handed best thing that helped because the minute I walked on campus, I knew I was in love with my school. You'll feel what size is right for you, the people, and you get personal experience and insider knowledge when you go on the tours.

Do as much research as possible: the more you know, the less stress you'll have.

Don't get caught up in aiming to get into the most prestigious university. Being focused and goal-oriented is great, but the one thing I've learned is that college is not a prize to be won but a match to be made. Understand that the most important part of being successful at college is not the college itself but it is you.

Pick a college that you will be happy at and feel you fit at, NOT what other people are picking or the most "prestigious" name! Remember, you are not only going to school there but you will be living there for the next 4 years!

Get to know your counselor as well as the CRC because they are always in your corner and ready to help you make that next step into college life. It seemed daunting to me at first going through the application process but eventually with their help I feel confident in my choice of college.

Do little pieces at a time! Start early as opposed to trying to cram your Sundays filled with all things related to college, work on small pieces of your application throughout the week. If you have questions....don't be afraid to ask! The CRC is always willing to help!

Stay on top of things. You think you have all the time in the world, but the earlier you get things organized and completed the better. Especially scholarships. When it comes time to start paying for college, you'll have wished you applied for more.

And my personal favorite:  Calm down. You will have an amazing experience at whatever school you pick.


The Doctor Is In...

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Dr. Brenda Nelson, Libertyville High School's Prevention & Wellness Coordinator

Have a great summer!