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Mark Your Calendar, Sophomores and Parents!

Life After Libertyville
Wednesday, April 5, 2017
7:00 pm
LHS Auditorium

Note: This is a non-attendance day for Sophomores due to State Testing.

You're almost halfway through high school, Sophomores! It's the perfect time to start thinking about "Life After Libertyville."

So Join Us!

We'll tackle questions like:
  • What should I be working on now to give me the most college choices?
  • What types of colleges are right for me?
  • What about all these testing changes?
  • How will we pay for college?!
  • The highlight of this program is hearing from current seniors who have survived the college search and application process.
See you after Spring Break!


This Week's Scholarship Spotlight...

Pursuing a science-related field?

Award: TBD
Deadline: Monday, April 10, 2017 by 3:00 pm

The award includes a one-time monetary scholarship given by the LHS Science Department to a senior planning to major in a science-related field. 
Here is what to expect from the application! 

  • References Please list the names of any LHS science teacher(s) who you feel can speak to your abilities as a science student. For each person, indicate the course(s) you took with them. 
  • LHS Science Activities: List your participation in school-sponsored engineering or science related clubs, teams or competitions during high school. If the participation was at any school other than LHS, please indicate that in your response. 
  • Other Science Activities: List any engineering or science activities in which you participated outside of school (research programs, summer enrichment programs, personal projects). Where applicable, please provide a contact email for a person who is familiar with your work in the activity. 
  • Please complete two personal statements. 
1. Choose the one LHS or outside activity previously listed that had the greatest impact on your scientific pursuits. Describe, in 250 words or less, how it positively influenced your view of science. 

2. In 500 words or less, please write a brief personal statement describing your interest and future plans in the field of engineering or science. 

  • Apply online under the Student Opportunities Section of the LHS Science Department web page: 

Are you a member of National Honor Society? Please apply!
Award: TBD
Deadline: Friday, April 7, 2017

Awarded to a senior who is a member of National Honor Society. List of NHS activities and description of tutoring experiences required. Essay required. Application due to Mrs. Kelly in LST 156 by 3:00 PM on the due date. No exceptions. 


The Doctor Is In...

Image result for beach picture

Dr. Brenda Nelson, Libertyville High School's Prevention & Wellness Coordinator

Gimme a [Spring] Break!

Two completely unrelated things to consider as you head for break, regardless of whether it’s a vacation or a staycation.

Time in nature makes you happier.

What percent of each day do you typically spend in nature?  Midwest winters aren’t exactly conducive to nature dwelling, but the weather is getting nice and many of you are heading out on the road.  Most likely, you’ll spend more time outside over the next week than you do in a typical school week.  If you’re inclined to be inside, try to get outside for at least full hour every day.  Researchers are finding that the amount of time spent in nature has a direct effect on a person’s sense of connectedness and well-being.  For an article-length read, see here for a compelling read that made me want to head out for a hike.  For a book-length read, check out The Nature Fix, by Florence Williams.  It reveals some new science about the impact of time spent in nature.

Use this Break to renew and restore your energy bank - get outside!


Did you know that NBA players are partying far less than they ever have in the past?  ESPN put out an article about how things used to be versus how they are now.  In the past NBA players stayed up late after games on the road.  They’d go to bars and party it up.  Not so much anymore.  Science has demonstrated to these players that alcohol consumption with resulting dehydration and lack of sleep sets them back.  With a lot of money on the line, their habits have wised up.  

Similarly, the Navy SEALs used to have a “work hard, play hard” mentality completely.  About a decade ago, they completely overhauled their training methods in response to performance science that demonstrated the “play hard” part, i.e., partying, was undermining their fitness.

As might be expected, both national and local shows that the older kids get, the more they drink--kind of a “no duh.”  It will be curious whether science will similarly impact teen drinking decisions as it has the NBA and the Navy SEALs.

Whatever your Spring Break plans hold, be safe, be smart, relax, and enjoy!