Preschool Child Development

Preschool Child Development

Preschool is designed for the student interested in understanding the growth and development of children ages 1-6. This course offers students the opportunity to interact with and teach preschool aged children in our preschool program housed within the high school building. 


Child Development

Course Evaluation - please complete the week before final exams

Extended Study

After completing the initial Preschool Child Development course, students may take the class again as an extended study students.  Preschool Extended Study is designed for students 
that have a serious interest in teaching as a profession. Students are able to work outside the high school in a preschool or grade school setting for a few days each week. Students can choose to work in a prekindergarten through sixth grade classroom. Students have various requirements throughout the semester and at the end of the semester create a portfolio to take with them. Students must have this class back-to-back with a free period to allow enough time to work off campus.