Iceland Summer Science Travel 2016

Iceland 2016--An Interdisciplinary Adventure!
Travel to Iceland during the Summer of 2016! This trip will explore the cultural, geographical, and scientific wonders of Iceland. 

Informational meeting on September 24, 2015 in the Recital Hall at 7 pm
  • Students and at least one parent/guardian is strongly encouraged to attend.
  • Meet travel representative from Passports Travel via Skype
  • Learn about our tour guide who will tour with us on our private bus
  • Learn how to register and the multiple ways to pay for the class trip
  • Hear about trip options such as whale watching, visiting Icelandic students, and hiking expeditions.

Can't make the meeting? 

For any other questions, please contact Dr. Wood ( or Mr. Dzialo (

The Natural Beauty of Iceland--Some of our trip sights!

Meet Me in Reykjavik!

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