Yearbook meets on the dates on the calendar below. Students will pick the cover, theme, art and photos that go into the book. Students will also take photos and design page layouts.
Students of all ages are welcome to join! 
Students can take the PASS bus home after meetings.
Students who miss two meetings without notice will no longer be part of the group. This rule is in place because students are assigned pages to work on and we have deadlines to meet. I need to know if any student will finish their page or if I have to reassign the page to another student. 

Important Requirement for All Students

All students interested in participating in an extracurricular activity and/or athletic program must complete and return the Tryout Permission Form to the coach or supervisor.

We use eDesign to create our book.
Yearbook members can access information about yearbook through Haiku learning after they join.

Yearbook photo drop-off for DW staff and students:
Just log into your email account (if you are not already logged in) and then click the appropriate link below. 
Drag and drop your photos! 
Thank you!
all school

Photo drop off - if you need help,  click here for the video

Yearbook meeting calendar
meeting dates are where ever it says "busy"


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