5th grade sketchup

Want to download SketchUp to use at home? We use SketchUp make 2016 for this class.
Click here to see the download page.

Day 1: Mrs. Best will demonstrate Sketchup basics of using some of the tools

Day 2: Watch these two videos and try out what they show you in SketchUp. 
Introduction to SketchUp video 1
The specifics on drawing: Video 2
The specifics on using the push/pull tool: Video 3

Day 3: Saving your work to the student server and SketchUp vocabulary

coplanar: A plane is a flat surface. Coplanar means that all the points and edges are on a flat surface.
inferring: In Sketchup, inferring means to line up with something else. Inferencing is done to make sure that lengths are the same or to draw your lines straight.

Days 4 - 5: Measuring in SketchUp - two ways to make a 2 inch cube (10 pts)
You will turn your SketchUp file of 2 cubes (one made by measuring, the other by using the push/pull tool) in through Haiku. 
Check your work CAREFULLY before turning it in! You will only receive full credit for two cubes - do NOT erase your measurements!

Days 6-7: Measuring and building in SketchUp - Make a chair by cutting away at a block. (20 pts)
Turn your chair into Haiku

Days 8-9: Measuring in SketchUp - Make another chair by building it piece by piece. (20 pts)
Turn your chair into Haiku

Day 10: Using the follow me tool (10 pts)
Today you will make a ball or sphere and learn to use the follow me tool. 
See if you can also make doughnut and football shapes. 
Here is a hint to do this: change the length of the line in the up direction (longer or shorter than exactly the diameter of the sphere).
Turn your sphere into Haiku. If you make the doughnut or football, turn those into Haiku for EXTRA CREDIT! (5 pts. extra credit for both)

Day 11: Orienting and using the follow me tool (5 pts)
Hint to make a successful pipe - don't cross too closely or cross your lines.
Turn your crazy pipe into Haiku

Day 12: Cutting away using the follow me tool (10 pts)
Go back to the chairs you made and see if you can make the legs on the chairs fancy. Use both the pencil and arc tool!
HINT: make sure your design does not cross the middle of the chair leg!
Turn your fancy chair leg into Haiku

Day 13: Use the 3D text tool (5 pts)
Try moving the text around and placing it on a cube or block.
Turn your 3D name into Haiku. I should see your name several times with different fonts, fills and heights.

Day 14: Moving and grouping (2 pts)
Turn a shape where you moved an edge into Haiku. Use the move tool to move a point, a line and a surface. Group an object and move it.

Day 14: Use the scale tool (2 pts)
Turn a shape you made larger using the scale tool into Haiku. 

Day 15: Make different polygons(5 pts)
Make these shapes: triangle, pentagon and hexagon in SketchUp. Turn into Haiku

Day 16: Use the offset tool and turn on x-ray vision (5 pts)
Turn in a shape where you used the offset tool and turned on x-ray vision into Haiku

Day 18-21: SketchUp final project. Build a model of your dream house!
This is a project! Do a very careful job. You will be graded on accuracy, your effective use of all the tools you have learned and creativity. To see the rubric for this assignment, go to your assignment list in Haiku learning and click on the dream house project.