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Fourth Grade Curriculum


Our present reading series is Collections by Harcourt.  The program is literature based.  We will be concentrating on reading strategy instruction in fourth grade.  In addition to the primary text, small group novel instruction and book clubs will be used.  We will be reading novels from many different genres this year.  Students will have time in class to complete reading assignments, however some activities will need to be completed at home.  In addition, students are expected to read for a minimum of 15 minutes per night.


Language Arts/Writing

The Harcourt series has integrated reading with a writing connection.  The students will respond to literature from a writer’s point of view and learn the process of writing. We will be using the Lucy Calkins narrative, informational, and opinion writing units of study.   Our study of grammar will be part of the language-writing connection.  I will also use activities from the Harcourt Language textbook.


Word Study

The fourth graders will be focusing on word study this year. We will learn to break words apart into prefixes, suffixes, and bases. In the process, we will discover connections between words and learn Greek & Latin roots and spelling rules.

Social Studies

Our social studies textbook is Our Country and Its Regions  by McGraw Hill. We will be covering the 5 big areas of social studies:  social systems/culture, history/trends, economics, environment/geography, & politics/government.   Some areas we will be studying are human and natural resources, latitude and longitude, and the history and geography of the United States.  We will be focusing on the study of our country’s environment, its people, and its heritage across its regions. We will also be memorizing our states & abbreviations this year.  Technology will be integrated into our study of the U.S. a great deal.



We will be using the Everyday Mathematics program from The University of Chicago this year.  The philosophy behind this program emphasizes:


-a curriculum that emphasizes conceptual understanding while building a mastery of basic skills

-a curriculum that explores the full mathematics spectrum, not just basic arithmetic

-a problem-solving approach based on everyday situations that develops critical thinking

-an instructional approach that revisits topics regularly to ensure full conceptual development

-activities that explore a wide variety of mathematical content and offer opportunities for students to apply their knowledge

-a curriculum based on how students learn, what they’re interested in, and the future for which they must be prepared


The major topics of instruction will include:  numeration, operations & computation, data & chance, geometry, measurement, estimation, mental arithmetic, patterns, functions & algebra, and problem solving.  We will also be working on fact fluency.  4th graders should be able to complete 30 multiplication (0-12) or 30 division problems (0-12) in one minute.  Students can access the study links, games, and online SRB at:




Our science program is an activity based program. We will be integrating materials from Discovery Education Science Techbook as we conduct investigations into plant & animal structures, waves & light, changes in energy, and processes that shape the earth.