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Reading/Language Arts:  This week we looked at sequence and cause & effect nonfiction text structures.  We read several different nonfiction articles along with our fiction novels. In writing, we continued our work on our literary essays. Our goals this week were:

  • I can describe the overall text structure (e.g. chronology, comparison, cause/effect, problem/solution) of events, ideas, concepts, or information. IXL:  D.2

  • I can write a literary essay with a developed thesis that is supported with evidence from the text. IXL: S.4

  • I can include commas and quotation marks to mark direct speech and citations from a text. IXL: Q.1


Math:  We are nearing the end of unit 5.  This week we reviewed angle types, drawing angles, and line plots.  The unit 5 assessment will be on Thursday, January 30th. Practice problems will come home on Monday.  Our goals this week were:

  • I can record data on a line plot and answer questions regarding the data. IXL: J.6 & 7

  • I can use benchmark angles to determine the measure of an angle. IXL: Z.1, 2, 5

  • I can draw an angle using a protractor. 

Science: The 4th grader scientists constructed their marble roller coasters this week. They have some great ideas! Our goal this week was:

  • I can explain how the speed and energy of an object are related using evidence.


Social Studies: This week we learned about some of the important inventions from the Industrial Revolution. Our goals this week were:

  • I can describe the Industrial Revolution including the significance of Henry Ford and the assembly line.

Notes From Ms. A

We will be needing some magazines to cut up for an Art Appreciation project. If you have any to donate, please send them in. THANK YOU!

Your child received a biography project assignment last week. Please make sure that he/she has shared the assignment with you!

The final Midwest assessment covering the Louisiana Purchase, Lewis & Clark, and the Industrial Revolution will be on Tuesday, January 28th.

The Unit 5 math assessment has been scheduled for Thursday, January 30th.

Please e-mail me with questions at any time.