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Supporting Students with Office Hours

Let me start with a confession.  I’m a light bulb junkie and always will be.  This may sound a bit strange, but I assure you it is 100% true.  There is no aspect of my teaching I find more rewarding than helping a struggling student finally understand a concept.  There are certainly times I must approach this troubling concept which a student or a group of students is struggling with multiple ways before the satisfaction of seeing the light bulb shine, but it’s these light bulb moments that motivate me.  While I wish the time we spend together in class were even a little comparable to the paparazzi at a red carpet event, I find there are far more light bulbs fired up during office hours.  At UMD the office hours are time all faculty members at set aside each week to be in their office working with students individually or in small groups.   Without fail, my office hours allow for so much more than just understanding a concept.  Unequivocally, they give me a chance to connect with students on a personal level.  Often they are an opportunity for informal career mentoring or advising.  It is with great joy I recall many instances in which a change of major or an addition of a minor was incited by a conversation in my office.  I’m not on a mission to convert the student body to math majors or minors, but when I work one-on-one with a student sometimes I can see their talent and passion, so I make mention and encourage them when it seems right.   Our conversations have led to research collaborations.   I truly enjoy hearing what students are fired up about, what they are frustrated by, and lending a helping hand when I am able to do so.  I believe their energy will keep me always craving a light bulb fix.

Angela Sharp
Senior Instructor
Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Calendar of Events & Important Dates

Academic Link

You may already be aware that a major system upgrade is happening this Spring to our records & registration systems at UMD.  As a result, the timeframe to register for Fall semester courses, begins 2 weeks earlier than normal, to accommodate a system shut down “cut over” period from April 10th through April 20th.  For more information on the upgrade, students can use this link:

Students can find their individual registration time by going to this link:

We normally recommend that all students visit with their advisor a week or so before their registration date in order to consult about educational goals, course selection, and other topics related to ongoing success in college.   Because of the change in timing this semester, that might not be possible for every student.  For this semester, it is fine for them to go ahead and register when their registration time comes along, and then meet with their advisor after the fact to review course selection. Any recommended adjustments to the schedule can be made at that time.

The system will be down from April 10th through April 20th.  During that time frame students will not be able to register or make registration changes.  They won’t see changes on their records until after the new system comes online.  So if a student declares a minor, for example, they won’t see this reflected on their record until sometime after the upgrade happens.  Normally, they would see this change within a couple of days.

As always, if a student is in doubt about something they can consult with their Advising & Academic Services office in the collegiate unit where their major is housed.

Career Corner

Helping your students with career decisions

For many students, making career decisions can be confusing and frustrating. Students may feel pressure to select majors and know exactly what career paths to take. Deciding on a career or college major is a process that often takes time. It is important for students to explore their options and it’s okay to “try out” different majors before finally choosing one.

Career planning involves relating what students know about their interests,values, abilities, and personality, to what they know about various educational and occupational possibilities. Getting to know themselves and their options are the first steps to choosing college majors and careers.

Even if a student has chosen a major, it is beneficial to take the time to explore options.

Encourage your student to:

Ask Champ

Q: Who could I call if my student lives on campus and needs resources or assistance after hours?

A: Lake Superior Hall has a 24/7 helpline available to all students living on campus: 218-726-7381.  In case of an emergency, always dial 911.  

Got a burning question for Champ?  Click here to submit a question!

Dollars and Sense

Although it’s still wintertime, UMD is preparing for students to register for upcoming May/Summer/Fall terms and those graduating in May.  

May/Summer and Fall Registration

Is your student thinking about taking courses during May/Summer session? Are they eligible for financial aid? Students must be enrolled for at least six credits and meet other criteria to be eligible. Please have them contact One Stop Student Services before registering.

There is no installment/rebilling plan for Summer term and all bills are due in full by the due date indicated on their bill.

Dates to know:

·         May/summer registration for degree-seeking students will begin March 2

·         Fall queued registration will be March 23-April 3       

·         Open enrollment for both May/summer and Fall terms will begin April 23

Beginning April 8, the University of Minnesota (all campuses) will be completing a major Upgrade to all core systems. This Upgrade will require approximately ten days to complete and all systems will be unavailable through April 20. This means no activity or changes will occur on your student’s account during this time. All payments/activity will be held until we go live with the new system. Find out more about the Upgrade here.  

Spring Term Billing/Due Dates  

  Billing date

       Minimum due

  Due date


50% of Balance Due



100% of Balance Due


 Please make sure your student’s account is current by the March 2nd due date to avoid a hold that could prevent registration.  


Exit Counseling

Exit Counseling is required of all students who have taken out federal and/or University-administered student loans. This online session provides the student information regarding their rights, responsibilities, repayment, deferment, and cancellation of loans.

Students with an expected graduation date of Spring 2015 should have received their email notification to complete the online session.

If your student didn’t receive the invitation, is planning on attending less than 1⁄2 time, transferring, or withdrawing from the University, please contact Financial Collections.

Story Harbor

Brian Robertson, UMD Senior, Multicultural Student Outreach Assistant (UMD Career and Internship Services)

This month Story Harbor had the chance to interview Brian Robertson - Brian is a senior from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, majoring in Communication. Brian chose to attend UMD as he was interested in a school that was big, but not too big! He learned about UMD while in high school from his participation in a YMCA Scholarship Program called Sponsor-A-Scholar. He applied to several schools, but was accepted first at UMD. He's very happy with his decision to be a Bulldog.

Brian is involved in many UMD student organizations, and has held a number of leadership roles on campus. One of Brian's favorite leadership experiences was his role as Chairperson of the Black Student Association. He learned a great deal about leadership and inclusiveness. He also valued the way BSA leaders work together as a team. He recognizes that his own strengths contributed to team accomplishments.

Brian is in his second year of employment as a Multicultural Student Outreach Assistant in Career and Internship Services (CIS). In his role, he promotes CIS services and guides students to the appropriate resources in the office.  He also represents CIS at numerous outreach events such as job fairs, workshops, and Admissions events. He's really enjoyed working in Career and Internship Services, and his position has given him a great insight into career counseling: "Working in Career and Internship Serices has allowed me to get a taste of what the Student Affairs is like. I want to go into Student Affairs and hopefully work as a Career Counselor or in a related field that involves working with college students."

As an active and engaged student at UMD, Brian has great advice for student success. He is careful to make sure all of his obligations are in his schedule, and he finds that technology is very helpful in managing his busy college life. He also shared his strategy for setting priorities.
I remind myself every day that I'm a student first, and that sometimes the clubs and activities can wait until I finish all of my academic work that needs to be completed. Working on campus is also a benefit and I'm able to manage my school work and on campus job easily.

As Brian nears his graduation from UMD, he shared that relationships he's established at UMD are what he'll remember most.
I will miss the many connections with faculty and staff that I have had on campus. They have had such an impact on my life, and they helped me develop into the student that I am. Of course, the many friends that I've made along the way will be the hardest thing to let go once I graduate.
After graduation, Brian plans to attend graduate school and earn a Masters degree in Student Affairs and that his goal is to one day serve as a University Chancellor. We at Story Harbor look forward to that day!
Pictured above, left to right, David Lee and Brian Robertson (student staff in Career and Internship Services)