30-60-90 Student Success Roadmap 


  • Develop friendships & become involved on campus
  • Connect with one faculty or staff member who cares about your individual success
  • Plan your first 2 years of course work, confirming and including any transfer courses 
    that apply
  • Devote ample time to your coursework

  • Confirm your academic major. Know requirements and career options related to that major
  • Make a plan for completing your remaining degree requirements
  • Get involved in learning opportunities that are challenging and relevant to your goals 
    and life

  • Expand your learning. Study abroad, be a leader, volunteer, complete an internship, do a research project, etc.
  • Develop your job or graduate school strategy
  • Update your academic plan as necessary

  • Participate in a capstone experience related to your field of study
  • Seek additional learning opportunities aligned with your post-graduation plans
  • Implement the job or graduate school strategy you developed during your junior year
  • Complete the Undergraduate Application for Degree and Commencement Attendance Questionnaire

Throughout your college experience:
  • be an active, engaged listener
  • maintain good academic standing and successfully complete an average of 15 credits per semester
  • know your degree requirements per your academic catalog year
  • monitor your learning goals and document your college achievements
  • be a positive member of UMD's academic and social communities
  • become actively involved in at least one co-curricular activity
  • use campus resources and ask for help when you need it
  • develop a financial plan and maintain financial aid eligibility (if applicable)

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