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Syllabus Statement/Activity (Ranelli)
Cultural Activity (10%): To gain insight and have an opportunity to experience the traditions of another culture other than your own, you will attend and actively participate in a non-western cultural/ethnic public event at the University, Twin Cities, Duluth or surrounding areas. All events must be approved prior to attendance and/or by the fourth week of class. Prior to attending, you must research the history of the event to gain conversational knowledge of this cultural event. Additionally, you should “interview” another participant (from the cultural group) to gain additional insights regarding the event and its relevance to the culture and the interviewee, in particular.

Upon completion of this experience, you will write a letter to your Aunt (who happens to be a retired, English composition professor). She is not familiar this event or this culture. In the letter, provide a summary of your event including a brief history, a description of your participation in and your reactions/reflections before, during, and after the event (maximum 4 pages). The activity will be evaluated for a concise history and program description, a substantive reaction to/reflection on the event, and grammar. This experience will be shared during a class session.