Call For Papers

Fourth Annual -- CEPP Book Prize


The Center for Ethics and Public Policy is proud to sponsor an essay contest which will award $250 (in textbook reimbursement) to the winner. The essay should be on a topic that is under the purview of the Center's mission -- ethics and/or public policy (e.g., proportional representation, animal rights, amnesty for illegal immigrants, euthanasia, energy policy, etc.).

Papers should strive to be accessible to the widest possible audience without sacrificing clarity or rigor. They will be evaluated according to the following criteria: depth of inquiry, quality of research, creativity, lucidity, significance, and originality.

Only UMD students are eligible for this competition.

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The deadline for submissions:  April 3rd, 2015


The award will be presented at CLA's End of the Year Awards Reception.



  1. Manuscripts should be in Microsoft Word (.doc or docx.) format and
    sent as an attachment to (Subject Heading: CEPP 2013 Essay Contest Submission)
  2. Manuscripts should be double-spaced (including quotations, excerpts, and footnotes).
  3. Length of manuscript: Longer than 10 pages, shorter than 15 pages

Each student may only submit one essay for contest consideration. 

For more information, contact CEPP director, Shane Courtland, at --