Welcome to the STEM Art Site. 
This site contains images, links, and resources related to the use of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics as inspiration for Visual Art.  It is important to note that these subjects can overlap in various ways and that they are also sources of inspiration for music, dance, theatre, and other performing arts. Another key idea that is addressed on this site is the concept of STEAM, which includes Art as part of the acronym, and Art and Design as part of the overall framework. To learn more about STEAM Click Here.

STEM Art Exhibition: View the Gallery
Imperatore Library and the Taub Center, Dwight-Englewood School
On view from April 24 - May 27, 2015.

The exhibition features the paintings, drawings, photography, digital artwork, ceramics, sculpture, textiles, and videos of 24 students and 5 faculty members from the D-E community. The video by Austin Chen and the animation by Brian Zhang could not be displayed in the show during regular library hours. To view their work on this site click on the following links, Austin Chen - VideoBrian Zhang - Animation.

The artwork in this show is inspired by different aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  While viewing the work, you are invited to reflect on the connections that the artists are making and that you perceive between these subjects.  Additionally, this show represents the transition from STEM to STEAM, which incorporates art and design into the study and practice of the STEM subjects.