06/09/2011: Pessoa 1.4 is released! At this stage only Mac OS X (32 and 64 bits), and Linux (64 bits) binary packages are available to be downloaded. Soon a package for Windows will also be released. Pessoa 1.4 includes a much faster generation of abstractions for linear systems, as well as the capability of generating abstractions for switched linear systems, see the online documentation for details. Several other minor bugs have also been fixed in this new release.

06/09/2011: A mailing list have been created for support and announcements. To join simply send an email to

04/21/2010: Pessoa packages update. Both Linux and Mac OS X versions of Pessoa suffered a small bug in pss_build_params_symb.m, which in special cases prevented Pessoa from finding controllers. The problem lied in some variables that sometimes were created as floats when they should have been integers. Users that do not want to replace all their installation can just replace the file pss_build_params_symb.m.

11/04/2009: Mac OS X package update. There was a problem in the packaging of the Mac OS X files, and some old mex files were included in the distribution instead of the latest ones. The consequence of this mishap is a memory leak in the Simulink controller that makes Matlab crash. Please download again the Mac OS X version if you are a Mac user of Pessoa.

10/19/2009: Pessoa 1.0 is released!