System Requirements 

  1. MATLAB version 6.0 or later;
  2. Mac OS X or Linux or Windows (coming soon).


    Binaries (pre-compiled)

    User guide

  • Online version HTML (basic version available, advanced user guide coming soon.)



  1. Unzip the Pessoa package that you downloaded from above (make sure to get the right one for your platform!). This will create a folder called Pessoa1.0_bin_PLATFORM (Pessoa in 1.4) containing several files and folders.
  2. Move the folder Pessoa_1.0/ or Pessoa_1.4_xxx/ to wherever you want to have your installation of Pessoa.
  3. Add this folder (Pessoa_1.0 or Pessoa_1.4_xxx) to your Matlab PATH (recommended) or you can work with Pessoa from that folder.
  4. Now you are ready to use Pessoa
  5. A sample script of a typical use of Pessoa can be found in /usr/example/DCMotor.m. 
    And an example of a Simulink diagram to test the symbolic controller can be found in /usr/example/DCMotorSmlnk.mdl.
  6. Enjoy!