How Can I Add More Details and Information to My Writing?

  • Research, review, and create a rough plan before writing. Include notes for interesting details and examples in your plan.
  • Read two to three sentences silently to yourself and ask if you can add more specific terms, dates, descriptions, or actions to create a more interesting piece.
  • Read your piece to a friend and ask, “Is this writing interesting? What details or explanations helped me explain my main idea? Which ideas should I explain more?”
  • Have a friend read what you’ve written and ask “Do you have three questions about the details?” Decide if you would like to add that information to your writing.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to check over the content you've included in your writing:

  • Did I include as many details as I could?
  • Did I support each of my main ideas or events with many details?
  • Did I describe things enough that someone else could understand what I wrote?
  • Did my paragraphs include supporting details?
  • Does my writing make sense when I read it aloud?