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News Release

High School Students Recognizing National Athletic Training Month

March is National Athletic Training Month (NATM) and Central York High School (CYHS) students have launched an aggressive, student-created public awareness campaign urging the community to recognize the important and lifesaving role athletic trainers play on and off the field. The theme of NATM this year is “Athletic Trainers Save Lives.” Students have created promotional videos, multimedia displays, and in-school marketing pieces as a part of an effort to raise awareness and support athletic trainers during March.

A display case located at Central York High School is filled with splints, tape, and many other athletic training related materials. The students display pictures of splints and wraps in the case. They have created QR codes connected to the material so that students, faculty, and visitors can access the class website and links to suppliers for more information. The purpose of the case is to display what athletic trainers use. It also shows materials that athletic trainers use everyday. 

A group of students are sending out two types of e-greeting cards to inform people in the area about Athletic Training Month. One card is to thank the athletic trainers across the nation for their dedication and commitment to athletes. The other card is for Central York School District, to inform them on how appreciative Central is to have two athletic trainers. Central hopes that they will be able to inform as many people as possible, and to alert them on what is going on in the athletic world today.

Students in the class are producing two videos. One of the videos is on athletes and how athletic trainers have impacted them. The students interviewed athletes at Central York High School, listening to the athlete’s opinion on having athletic trainers. This video shows how different athletes appreciate athletic trainers, also thanking them for their hard work and dedication. The other video is strictly on athletic trainers. The purpose of this video is to get the perspective from athletic trainers on National Athletic Training Month, and having athletic trainers at all athletic events. They also shared their experiences on both impacting and saving athletes lives.

            Another group of students in the Applied Sports Medicine class are creating a web page on the Central York High School web site. It will be a link off of the athletics/athletic training tab. This web page will contain projects that have been completed by students in the class. It will also have interviews of athletic trainers and athletes that appreciate Athletic Trainers. The site will be a continuous resource for the public on projects that are done in the class, information on topics related to Sports Medicine, in addition to celebrating March as National Athletic Training Month.