Real life examples of Cyber-bullying

David Knight : Burlington, Ontario
    David Knight was oblivious to a website created all about him. For months, there had been a website that made fun of David and his family. They said things along the lines of that he was a pedophile, he's gay and dirty. The website invited others to actively be involved with bashing this boy. Along with the website, people were sending him hateful emails telling him how much they don't like him. Thankfully, David did not physically harm himself like others you will read about.

Amanda Marcuson: Birmingham, Michigan

    When some girls stole Amanda Marcuson's belongings, she reported it. Later that night, she received instant messages calling her harsh names and saying she was a tattletale. Trying to defend herself, she replied that they had stolen her stuff and that just made it worse. When going out with her family, her internet messages were forwarded to her phone and she had received the maximum limit, 50, which were all threatening, intensely mean messages. The girls never even said another word to her, in person.

Jodi Plumb: Mansfield Nottinghamshire
    Jodi Plumb was distraught when she found out there was a website containing terrible comments about her. It was talking about her weight and they estimated a time of her death. Jodi's mom went straight to the school board and asked for harsher action taken about the bullies. Jodi had been attacked twice in school. As well as people taking pictures of her for the website. Her mother was very upset.

Ryan Halligan: Poughkeepsie, New York
    An autistic thirteen year old that's sweet as can be just trying to make it through the days became a prime target of cyberbullying. Going through his days, and like any boy, he had that one crush. This girl that he had his eye on, had stuck up for him for a while but soon became the main bully. She pretended to like him and then made fun of him and said, she would never like a guy like him. As his pain got worse, he had a pen pal that was encouraging him to end his life. Ryan became so hurt, the he hung himself. All because of cyber-bullies.
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