Easy ORM (Object Relational Mapping)

We had to change the name of this project because of one of the already existing and more matured project which is also called "Simple ORM"

Recently there have been lots of hype about dynamic languages and frameworks like Ruby on Rails. Many have blogged about pros and cons of RoR and such dynamic languages. The hype is so high that it made me learn (J)RoR. After some reading and some projects on RoR I learned that programmers love these languages because of its ease of use and I loved it too. Many also say that these kind of languages are "threat" to Java, after all Java is complex!!

For a Java developer it is a hard thing to just start working in a whole different environment and start using whole different syntax because no-one likes learning curves. Finally I thought that isn't it possible to get this kind of ease of use and simplicity in Java, Java is a powerful language, isn't it?

Something compelled me to develop an API which is easier then usual JDBC way of retrieving and storing data, I wanted this to be easier then Java persistence and I wanted it to be compatible with all the JDK versionsą„¤ I created a project with one thing in mind, SIMPLICITY. A simple ORM model which can substantially reduce code re-writing and is built on simple java concept of inheritance, it should involve no Rocket science.

THIS PROJECT IS HOSTED AT http://code.google.com/p/simple-orm/

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