Film Club

Film Club

Welcome to the Film Club page.

We have piloted a Film Club with the express aim of making the next Spielberg!

The children have been learning about different camera views and angles whilst using iMovie. They have practised creating director story boards and some of their finished movies can be seen here. Not bad work for first timers in 45 minutes! Enjoy.

School's Out!

No books were harmed in the making of this video! An unscripted effort with good results. The children used a variety of camera shots and angles alongside overlaying narration, this was a follow up to their first session learning about these features. The next step will be to import music directly.
*Special 'mic drop' moment from Miss Ellis*

Movie trailer

An afternoon session having a play with the iMovie trailer function. Judge for yourselves!

How To Guide

Writing the date and objective

A scripted session guiding the children into using a variety of shots and angles alongside the narration tool for the first time. Trimming and editing video length as well as track audio, features in these videos.

An instructional video on football skills!

Football skills