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Our school is once again participating in a European School Partnership funded the by the European Erasmus program. The project, Kids Conquering Castles, began in September 2016 and will last until June 2019, offering staff and student exchanges with schools in Vienna, Austria; Berlin, Germany;  Navas, Spain; Gemona del Friuli, Italy and Alexandroupolis, Greece.  Pupils across the schools will work together to develop their entrepreneurial spirit by creating a Cooperative.   This business will be student led and run from the organisation and registration, to the making and selling of castle souvenirs, to ethical investment of any profit gained. Pupils will meet using ICT platforms and through shared activities, and will have the chance to meet in person in camps in Spain (May 2017),Italy (May 2018) and Germany (May 2019).  The project has a website which you can visit to learn more about it, and follow the many activities.

Barcelona 2017