Pupil Involvement

Here at Cyfarthfa Park Primary we have many groups of children who are responsible for different aspects in school. They all pull together and are very effective in what they do. 
School CouncilImage result for school council
The School council is made up of children who are voted in by the pupils in their class. The School councils role is as Lilly explains is to "make sure all children are happy in school, we are the ones who get the pupil voice to staff and to Mr Morgan. We plan things for all the children with Mrs Warren". 
Chairperson - Lilly
Secretary - Millie
Teacher reps- Nia & Max
Class 7 - Dylan & Nia
Class 8 - Magan, Elliot & Kenslee
Class 9 - Rhys & Kaitlyn
Class 10 - Abigail, Max & Lilly
Class 11 - Rhia & Sam
Class 12 - Ethan & Tallulah
Class 13 - Nathan & Millie
Eco Committee We also have an ECO committee that help keep the school ECO friendly and clean. Their roles are to check that all the rubbish is in the correct bins in their own classrooms. They also organize litter picking around the school grounds on a weekly basis.
Class 7 -
Class 8 -
Class 9 - Alfie & Jenna
Class 10 -
Class 11 - 
Class 12 - Sophie
Class 13 - Kate & Caitlyn
Peer MediatorsImage result for peer mediators
Another really important group of children are the peer mediators. They have the responsibility to help other children with day to day life in school, trying to resolve conflict, playing games, making sure each and every child is happy when they are in school.
Our mediators are: Kaylum, Libby, Emma, Harley, Tallulah and Evan.