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Make a Map

Use Google Maps to create your own map.

You might create a map showing the following:

  • Places in Aotearoa (New Zealand) you've visited recently
  • Places in Aotearoa you would like to visit
  • Top destinations for tourists visiting our country.  Google search:
  • etc
  • etc

To make your own maps using Google Maps, follow these instructions from Google:

Try to make your map as descriptive as possible by adding a summary of important information about each location. 

Check out the example at the bottom of this page to see what your map might look similar to.

Share your map:

When you've finished, share your map to this Share Page AND publish it on your blog.  

Example map:

Look at the example map below.  
Click on each of the marked locations.  Do you see how each marker has information about the location?  Make sure you include information about the locations on your map as well.
Want to know how to add the line showing the drive?  Click here to learn how.  Read all instructions on the page.

Example Map