Welcome to CVU Special Services


The faculty and administration at CVU are committed to ensuring that each student is provided the opportunity to attain his or her goals and graduate to become fully integrated citizens. Our special educators, speech/language pathologists, and para-educators are educational team members who are devoted to educating and supporting all students at CVU. 
Families have a range of options to choose from when seeking supports for students who are experiencing difficulties in school. Ideally, students would first meet with their teachers to discuss their concerns and ask for clarification related to the class content, assignments, and/or assessments. Parents and students are also encouraged to use the CVU web site to communicate with teachers via e-mail and, when available, review teachers' web pages for notes and assignments. CVU also has an active Educational Support System (ESS) that provides support to all students. The Learning Center is staffed by a coordinator and team of tutors to work with students who voluntarily drop in on unscheduled blocks. The Learning Center's tutors share expertise that covers a variety of content areas, from Social Studies, languages, and English to Math and the Sciences. 
Some students may formalize their regular education-sponsored supports through a plan developed by the Educational Support Team (EST). An EST is active in each house, is chaired by an administrator, and meets regularly to consider students who have been referred for support by a parent or teacher. Referrals may be made by the student, parent, or teacher directly to the house director. If approved, the EST Plan is developed and sent to each teacher in the student's schedule. Common supports include testing in the Learning Center, extended time on major tests and assignments, and tutorial support through the Learning Center.
Students who have a diagnosed disability and require more intensive supports with specialized services and instruction may be served under the auspices of a Section 504 Plan or an Individualized Education Program (IEP). Federal and state laws and regulations define the steps and criteria involved in determining student eligibility for these plans, the timelines for reporting student progress, and the specifics of service delivery. Please see the side bar for details on each of  the support systems mentioned here.
It is the mission of each administrator, teacher, and staff member at CVU to support every and all students in setting and achieving their goals.
Please call or write the Director of Special Services for further information. 
Anna Couperthwait
Director of Special Services
369 CVU Rd.
Hinesburg, VT 05461
802 482-7115