Canadian Valley Professional Development Network

Upcoming Trainings

Upcoming Trainings

April 2, 2013 Beginning SMART Board Mustang HS 4:15-6:15 
April 3, 2013 iPad 101 for Calumet Staff Calumet ES 1:00-3:00 
April 4, 2013 Intermediate SMART Board Mustang HS 4:15-6:15 
April 11, 2013 Interactive Flashcards CVTC-Yukon 4:00-5:00 
April 15, 2013 Google Power Searching CVTC-Chickasha 4:00-5:00 
April 16, 2013 Going beyond Google CVTC-Chickasha 4:00-5:00 
April 17, 2013 Going beyond Google CVTC-Yukon 4:00-5:00 
April 18, 2013 Professional Learning Networks CVTC-Yukon 4:00-5:15 
April 22, 2013 Interactive Flashcards CVTC-Chickasha 4:00-5:00 
April 23, 2013 Reading Comprehension in the Elementary Grades CVTC-Chickasha 4:00-5:30 
April 24, 2013 Professional Learning Networks CVTC-Chickasha 4:00-5:15 
April 25, 2013 iPad 101 for Tuttle ES Staff Tuttle ES 3:30-4:30 
April 29, 2013 Productive Group Work CVTC-Yukon 4:00-6:00 
April 30, 2013 Productive Group Work CVTC-Chickasha 4:00-6:00 
May 2, 2013 iPad 201 Calumet ES 1:00-3:00 
May 6, 2013 Going beyond Google CVTC-Chickasha 4:00-5:00 
May 8, 2013 Going beyond Google CVTC-Yukon 4:00-5:00 
May 9, 2013 Digital Stories and Pop-Up Books:Multimedia Literacy Strategies for Young Children CVTC-Yukon 4:00-5:30 
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Recent Training Update
The Canadian Valley Professional Development Network has recently provided the following trainings:

Recent Trainings

Easy Screencasting with Educreations March 28, 2013 1.5 CVTC-Yukon 
Transitioning to Common Core in Elementary Mathematics March 27, 2013 CVTC-Yukon 
Easy Screencasting with Educreations March 26, 2013 1.5 CVTC-Chickasha 
Transitioning to Common Core in Elementary Mathematics March 25, 2013 CVTC-Chickasha 
Project-Based Learning with iPads  March 14, 2013 Mustang HS 
Using Technology to Engage Students in Special Education March 13, 2013 1.5 CVTC-Chickasha 
Secondary Language Arts and the Common Core March 12, 2013 CVTC-Yukon 
Getting Started with the iPad  March 11, 2013 1.25 CVTC-Chickasha 
Getting Started with the iPad  March 7, 2013 1.25 Mustang HS 
Transitioning to Common Core in Secondary Mathematics March 6, 2013 CVTC-Chickasha 
Digital Stories and Pop-Up Books: Multimedia Literacy Strategies for Young Children March 5, 2013 1.5 CVTC-Yukon 
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Look at these comments from participants' workshop evaluations:

"I really enjoy the workshops.  I have been very worried about Common Core.  These workshops make me feel empowered."-It's the Question, Not the Verb participant

"Enjoyed the person that led the workshop!  She was very interesting and kept my attention after a day at school!"-Literacy across the Curriculum participant

"Great job of modeling specific activities which could be implemented immediately into my classroom.
Loved the way she used collaboration to implement the workshop strategies!"-Reading Comprehension in the Elementary Grades participant

"The workshop used teaching methods we could use in our classrooms to teach us new information.  It was very helpful."-Upgrading Your Lessons to Meet the Common Core participant

"The presenter was excellent and shared information in a way that was not threatening or overwhelming.  She spoke from a teacher's perspective."-ELA Writing and the Common Core participant

"It was helpful to see examples of easy-to-duplicate writing activities. Just meeting with different teachers and learning from them is great! The presenter was excellent and down to Earth."-Social Studies and the Common Core participant

"I love getting things I can put to immediate use in the classroom."-Power Searching with Google participant

"I LOVED this and found the information very useful and beneficial across the board for all grades and levels."-Going beyond Google participant

"I do not see how it could have been any better. Any grade level could have come and walked away with more than just some science information. She gave us so much more."-iPads in the Science Classroom participant 

"I have not used Pinterest before, at all.  This showed me where to find lots of wonderful ideas from other educators that are available, mostly free, to use with my students!  The short session was helpful on a school night.  The location was so convenient.  Thank you SO very much."-Pinterest for Educators participant

"I just can't thank you enough for having these workshops!!  It is refreshing to be re-energized by such great ideas!!  Thank you!  Thank you!!"-iPads for Common Core Literacy participant