Greenacres Stringlet Orchestra

Note from the Director

Guitar Tuna

We will begin to learn how to tune our own instruments starting this Thursday, 12MAR20. With your parents consent, please down the app "Guitar Tuna" on to any smart device. With your parents permission, please bring that device to class to learn how to use it and learn to tune your self. Below is a link about "Guitar Tuna". This is a free app. If you have a tuner already, that is okay. I have also posted some examples of digital tuners that work best for beginning string students at the bottom of the page.

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Required Course Materials

String Basics, Book 1

(Steps to Success for String Orchestra)

Terry Shade & Jeremy Woolstenhulme - Neil A. Kjos Music Company

Required at the beginning of the year.

Available for local purchase at Custom Strings or online at JW

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Violins!? Violas!?

How is your bow hold?

Cellos!? Basses!?

How is your bow hold?

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Snark Tuner

These tuners are cheap and easy to use for students. They simply clip on to the beg of the instruments. As the student tunes, it will tell you which way to tune your instrument. The link below is to Amazon if you so wish to purchase.