Greenacres and Selkirk Middle School Chamber Orchestra Auditions

Chamber Auditions

Record yourself and submit through Google Classroom. Recording must show your entire body as grading rubric includes 8 categories. If not able to record yourself, you may request a live audition.

Play scales and etudes as printed below.

Scales: Choose a tempo that allows you to play cleanly and quickly.

Must have maintained an “A” average in your previous year of Orchestra

Private lessons are strongly encouraged.

Auditions are submitted through Google Classroom. Auditions will be submitted No Later Than Midnight, Friday night, 31MAY19.

After all auditions are complete, you will be notified of your placement in Chamber or Concert for the 2019-20 School year.

Concert Orchestra, this is your year end final. Sixlets, this is optional to turn in.

GMS Chamber Auditions-Violin.pdf

GMS/SMS Chamber Audition - Violin

GMS Chamber Auditions-Viola.pdf

GMS/SMS Chamber Audition - Viola

GMS Chamber Auditions-Cello.pdf

GMS/SMS Chamber Audition - Cello

GMS Chamber Auditions-Bass.pdf

GMS/SMS Chamber Audition - Bass

Orchestra Audition Rubric

Orchestra Audition Rubric

Your audition will be based upon the Orchestra Audition Rubric