CV Chamber Orchestra Auditions

CVHS Chamber Auditions-Violin.pdf

We will be conducting a second round for Violin positions for the 2019-20 School year. Please play the attached Violin audition plus a 1 minute excerpt. We will hold auditions Tuesday morning, 28MAY19 at Central Valley High School on the Stage from 0630-0730.

This audition is now open to incoming Freshman. Front doors of CVHS will be unlocked by 0620. Start by signing up from the earliest time available. If all slots are taken, email Mr. Flemmer @ and we will add more time slots.

CV Chamber Auditions

  • Play a 1 minute solo excerpt of your choice from the standard repertoire
  • Scales and Etude as listed below:
    • Each scale should be performed at the listed tempo and in each of the following ways:
      1. Detache, quarter note = 60
      2. Slurred, three per bow, quarter = 60
      3. Spiccato, quarter note = 108
  • Must have at least 1 year of Concert or Symphony Orchestra experience, and maintained an “A” average in your previous year of Orchestra.
  • Only Sophomores and above are permitted to audition.
  • Be ready for questioning of the former Chamber ensemble

Auditions will be held Wednesday, May 22, 2019 in the Band Room from 1500-1800

Click Link to sign up for time slot

Positions that will be open for the 2019-20 School year:

  • Violin (5)
  • Viola (1)
  • Cello (2)
CVHS Chamber Auditions-Violin.pdf

Chamber Audition - Violin

CVHS Chamber Auditions-Viola.pdf

Chamber Audition - Viola

CVHS Chamber Auditions-Cello.pdf

Chamber Audition - Cello

CVHS Chamber Auditions-Bass.pdf

Chamber Audition - Bass