News Division

Here at the News Division, we cover events here in the United States, as well as things happening globally.  We steer clear of "trendy" reporting on entertainment and fads.
  • Gangs & Mobs
    • Research prevalence of gang and juvenile delinquency in America in the 1950-60s and how it compares to present day.  Why are a person’s actions in a group different than if he/she were acting alone?  What happens to a person’s judgment when acting in a group?  Why do gangs form?  Why do we still have gangs?  What is peer pressure and how does it impact decision making? 
  • Psychology
    • What does birth order have to do with a person’s personality?  How does being an orphan affect the way one thinks of him or herself? What causes depression and what can one do to treat it?  Is it curable?  Does depression affect teenagers differently from adults?  How do any or all of these issues relate to the characters in The Outsiders ?  
  • Laws for Juveniles
    • Research the laws in the 1960s as they apply to adolescents and how they have since changed.  At what age does the law say you are an adult?  How are courts different for young offenders?  Can a child be tried as an adult?  Were illegal drugs a problem then as now?  What if someone like Johnny can’t afford a lawyer?

  • Civil Rights Movement
    • What was happening with the Civil Rights during this time? What laws went into affect? Who were the key leaders involved in changes? How did these leaders and laws affect education?
  • Government & Politics
    • Who were the presidents during the 60s?  What were the big issues at the time? Research J.F. Kennedy’s assassination and the conspiracy theories. Was there a war going on?  What was the Bay of Pigs and how did it affect our international relations then and into the future? How is the position that J.F. Kennedy took in the Bay of Pigs still impacting the United States international policies today?  
  • Health/Medicine
    • What major medical advances were made during this decade?  Which were the most revolutionary?  Vaccines?  What changes were made in medical practices between then and now?  Famous doctors or researchers?  Views of smoking?  Drinking?  What were the rights of patients in the 60s and how has this changed?