Equipment Used

Our auditorium is fully equipped with all the necessary sound and lighting equipment to do a wonderful, full scale production.  Our equipment includes:

Sound & Video System:
  • Mackie 16 Channel Mixer
  • Kramer VP-724 7 Channel Scaler/Switcher
  • Apple MacMini (audio/video playback & MIDI Show Control)
  • Denon CD/Tape Player
  • Sony DVD Player
  • Epson Video Projector
  • Shure SM58 Wired Handheld Microphones (3)
  • Shure SM58 Wireless Handheld Microphone (1)
  • Audio-Technica U853 Wired Ceiling Microphones - Phantom Powered (4)
  • VocoPro Wireless Microphone System.  This 8 unit system is mounted in a Gator Case for ease of movement between district venues.
  • Peavey Amplifyers & Signal Processors
  • Stage Monitoring System
Lighting System:
  • ETC Express 24/48 Lighting Desk
  • ETC Sensor Rack, 96 Dimmers
  • 2 Universe DMX Controllable System
Control & Communication System:
  • Figure 53's QLabs Live Show Control Software - For linking the lighting desk, audio board, video system & MIDI Show Control (MSC)
  • MIDI Solutions R8 Relay - For controlling the high voltage curtain control system
  • Telex Wired Intercom System (6 user stations)
Custom Solutions:
  • Custom Made 6 Channel Low Volt Relay Interface - This system interfaces the high volt curtain control to low volt controls, read more here
  • Custom Made 8 Channel Remote - This is the "remote control" for the relay system above, read more here
  • Custom Made 2 Button USB Remote - This is the "remote control" for the QLabs software via HID USB, read more here

Portable Wireless Microphone System