Curtain/SFX Interface

In order to to allow a lot of the equipment to talk with each other, we developed a custom interface for the Curtain Control system.  The electric curtain was installed in 1998.  At that time, the controls were all high voltage (110VAC) relays.  That high voltage system cannot work with computer equipment, as most of it can only handle 12-24VDC.  We needed to find a low volt relay system that had high volt contacts.  Enter SmartHome, home automation equipment. 

On the SmartHome web site, we found the ELK, Six Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT) Relay Board.  We mounted this in a custom enclosure with various terminals, wires, jacks and push buttons to create a relay system that would allow the control of the curtain over Category 5 cabling.  

The curtain only requires three relays (Open, Close and Stop) to run the system, we have six relays, which gives us room to expand beyond the curtain.  We could use the additional relays to control snow machines, air canons, drop systems, etc.  

We are also looking to add a wireless remote control to the system.  This remote would use ELK's technology and would simply be wired in parallel with the other switches.  A "Key Fob" remote can than be used from anywhere in the auditorium to trigger the curtain or any of the other systems.