Project Description:
In pairs, students will create a Patriotic Logo using Google Drawings that utilizes at most 5 symbols of U.S. Patriotism.

  • As a whole, the class will discuss and brainstorm patriotic symbols.  
  • The group will then view and analyze other examples of Patriotic Art. Partners will discuss and find other examples of symbolism with their partner.
  • As partners, students will create a rough draft on paper of their patriotic logo.  Students will be reminded of the limitations of images and words - and to ensure that images have more meaning together.
  • Students will then work as partners on a computer (driver & navigator), to learn how to use Google Drawings to make their Logo come to life.  Students will be encouraged to use iteration and to refer to video tutorials in order to learn Google Drawings and create their logo.
Project Requirements:
- 3 or 4 images
- Multiple Colors and/or Shapes
- Text
- A written description of what makes your image patriotic. This text must be three or more sentences describing your group's thinking behind your design choices. 

Project Rubric:

Patriotic Logo Rubric