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Then and now Project

4th Grade Miniquest
Thinking about how people lived in the 1700's and how we live today.
Essential Question:
How might today's technology have affected the events of the 1700's?

            As a class:
Step 1: Think of all the different ways we can travel today!
            Now: Name three ways you can travel today.
            Then: Watch a short video about traveling in in the 1700's. Click here

Step 2: Transportation is not the only thing that has changed. Even the way we communicate 
            today is different from the way people communicated in the 1700's.
            Now: Turn to the person next to you and name three ways you can communicate information  
                     today that was not possible in 1776.
            Then: Watch a short video about communicating in the 1700's. Click here

While you are working, think about this question: 
How might today's technology have affected the writing of the Declaration of Independence?

Step 3:Click on this video to learn a little more about the The Declaration of Independence from our database Learn 360 (you must be logged into your school Google account to view this):

The Declaration of Independence.wmv

Step 4: When Thomas Jefferson was writing the Declaration of Independence writing 
            technology was very different. He wrote many drafts of the document and many different   
            people helped him edit it. Take a look at one of the rough drafts of Thomas Jefferson's   
            Declaration of Independence.
Click here
Step 5: After the members of Congress had signed the official copy of the Declaration of 
           Independence, more copies were made using a printing press. 

Click here to see the printed final copy.

Click here to see the hand written final copy.

Step 6: Now that you have completed step 4, raise your hand to let Mrs. Williammee or Ms. 
           Kassinger know you are ready for your next task. You will write a response to the Essential question: 
How might today's technology have affected the writing of the Declaration of Independence?

            Day 2: Let's review our responses to the essential question together as a group.

Step 7: Now it is your turn! You will have a chance to sign The Declaration of Independence... TWICE!
            We will all take turns signing The Declaration of Independence by hand with a quill and on the 
            computer digitally. 

            Click here to sign the Declaration of Independence digitally
While you are at your station ponder this question:
Which method is more meaningful a handwritten signature or an electronic signature? 

Remember, your thoughts are your own and there are no wrong answers.