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13 Colonies Travel Brochure

You have been working hard in class, learning about Colonial America and becoming an expert in one of the 13 colonies.

Your Task:
Your group must use your prior knowledge and graphic organizers to make a persuasive and creative brochure to get people interested in moving to your colony.
Here is a tutorial to help you: 

Conducting research for your 13 Colonies Travel Brochure.wmv

1. Once you access the website in step 4, find the link to your colony and click on it.

2. Use your research notes paper and group members to complete your research.

3. Be sure to record your citation information. 

4. Be aware that there are some advertisements, just ignore them and stick to your research.
    Click on the link below to get started: 

    If you do not find everything you are looking for try these websites:

5. Access your Travel Brochure group template on your Google Docs account and create your brochure by typing the 
    information from your graphic organizer onto your Travel Brochure. 
    Here is a tutorial to help you:

Creating your 13 Colonies Travel Brochure.wmv

Compare your Travel Brochure to the rubric below to make sure you have done your best work.