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Pioneer Award
In appreciation of the path-breaking contributions to pattern theory, the CVPR'12 organizing committee, in consultation with other senior members of the community, is honored to present a silver medal to Professor Ulf Grenander.

Ulf Grenander was born in Sweden in 1923, and earned the Fil. Dr. degree in 1950 from the University of Stockholm, advised by Dr. Harald Cramér. He is a honorary fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, UK, and a member of the National Academy of Sciences, USA. Grenander is known for path-breaking research in creating pattern theory in the 1960s-70s. He formulated patterns as algebraic structures with generators and geometric transforms, and put probabilities on such structures. His work related to vision includes deformable models, diffeomorphism, probabilistic models on reconfigurable graphs, stochastic inference (jump-diffusion, MCMC), analysis by synthesis, abstract learning, etc.

At the awards ceremony on June 19th, 2012, the following awards were given.  Congratulations to all who were recognized.

CVPR 2012 Best Paper Award
(Sponsored by Google)
Yuchao Dai, Hongdong Li, Mingyi He
“A Simple Prior-free Method for Non-Rigid Structure-from-Motion Factorization”

CVPR 2012 Best Student Paper Award
(Sponsored by UTRC)
Minh Hoai and Fernando De la Torre
“Max-Margin Early Event Detectors”

CVPR 2012 also recognized David Cooper
"in appreciation of his outstanding and pioneering contributions to Unsupervised Learning and Bayesian Inference in Computer Vision”

Willow Garage awarded several CVPR 2012 "Best Open Source Code" awards:
1st Prize: A. Alahi, R. Ortiz, and P. Vandergheynst, "FREAK: Fast Retina Keypoint"
2nd Prize: K. Takahashi, S. Nobuhara, and T. Matsuyama, "A New Mirror-based Extrinsic Camera Calibration Using an Orthogonality Constraint"
3rd Prizes:
C.Xu and J. Corso, "Evaluation of Super-Voxel Methods for Early Video Processing"
S. Sadanand and J. Corso, "Action Bank: A High-level Representation of Activity in Video"

Google Student Travel Awards:
YiChang Shi (MIT) for the paper "Laser Speckle Photography for Surface Tampering Detection"
Zhenwen Dai (Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies) for the paper “Autonomous Cleaning of Corrupted Scanned Documents - A Generative Modeling Approach”
Xiangxin Zhu (UC Irvine) for the paper “Face detection, pose estimation, and landmark localization in the wild”
Ying Xiong (Harvard) for the paper “From Pixels to Physics: Probabilistic Color De-rendering”

CVPR 2012 Outstanding Reviewers:
Sameer Agarwal 
Roland Angst 
Marni Bartlett
Christopher Brown
Dima Damen 
Lixin Duan 
Alexei Efros 
Olof Enqvist 
Vittorio Ferrari 
Sanja Fidler
Mario Fritz
Stephen Gould 
Abhinav Gupta 
James Hays
Herve Jegou 
George Kamberov 
Edward Kim
Neeraj Kumar
Svetlana Lazebnik 
Peyman Milanfar
Philippos Mordohai 
Vittorio Murino
Aude Oliva
Christopher Pal
Devi Parikh
Sylvain Paris
Ofir Pele
Florent Perronnin 
Narayanan Ramanathan 
Bryan Russell 
Grant Schindler 
Noah Snavely 
Bjorn Stenger 
Joost van de Weijer 
Andrea Vedaldi 
Jing Xiao
Bastian Leibe
David Lowe 
Tomasz Malisiewicz 
Tim Marks

CVPR Organizing Volunteers:
Eric Christiansen
Ryan Farrell
Mingtian Zhao

Student Volunteer Winners:
Eslam Abd Elfattah
Laura Sevilla-Lara

CVPR 2012 Survey Winners:
Ruogu Fang
Mohammad Mavadati
Rand Voorhies
Ali Soltani-Farani
Dikpal Reddy