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2:20 Busy busy busy!

posted 15 Mar 2012, 07:20 by Unknown user
We're back from lunch, a great relief! Everyone has enjoyed every moment of it and has really given us an insight into life as a news reporter.
George the online editor barely had time for an interview, but we manage to have a quick word! "I've been running around all day giving people jobs and making sure everyone's doing what they're meant to do. I'm always busy, and I have the job of carrying all the messages around. It's a bit stressful!" A bit stressful? George has definitely been by far the busiest of us all!
We're just finishing off uploading now and meeting our deadlines of 2:30. It's the last minute rush for some but others are all finished now and waiting for the website launch.
We've been busy all day really, but we have had a very different type of work to everyone else. While most people were writing reports and interviewing we've had a great time blogging to you! We've loved every minute, except, well, I didn't get a School Report badge ;(
Yeah, we have been kind of busy, especially me since I have to rush around interviewing everyone while Izzie typed away. After this, there are going to be auditions as we haven't got a presenter yet for the podcast. Me and Izzie are not taking part, just so you know. This day has been less boring than I originally thought and blogging with Izzie has been a interesting experience. By the way, I could have got a badge for her. But I didn't :P
Podcasts are being uploaded at this very minute, and we're ready to broadcast the news!