What is EdCamp?

Where is EdCamp Central Valley being held?
  • Le Grand High School

Le Grand High School

Where should I park?
  • The main parking lot is in front of the gym on Le Grand Road. 

What building are we meeting at on campus?

  • The cafeteria: through the gate to the west of the gym, cafeteria is behind the solar panels. 

What is the Cost? 
  • EdCamp Central Valley is free.

What Should I Bring? 
  • Bring a friend, or two, or three! Bring a laptop or iPad–you will want to tweet, take notes, and view websites discussed throughout the day.

What's the Wifi situation?
  • Le Grand High School has very strong wifi (we support over 500 devices at a time on a daily basis) that will be turned on for EdCampCV. 

Do I need to bring Presentation Equipment?
  • Presentation equipment is available. Rooms all have projectors and many have AppleTV's. 

How Do I Register?
  • Registration is free, but limited. Eventbrite - EdCampCV 2013

What's for Breakfast?
  • To help get EdCamp started we will have coffee, orange juice, and bottles of water with bagels, donuts, and assorted muffins (our version of a continental breakfast).

How about Lunch?
  • We have received a generous sponsor from the Pizza Factory, and lunch (delicious pizza and salad) is being provided by the Pizza Factory, at the Pizza Factory. Or, you can bring lunch or check out some of the local restaurants.