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EdCamp North Valley!

posted May 1, 2013, 3:28 PM by Matthew Schwartz
People ask me where I am from and I usually tell them Fresno or the Central Valley. It is often said that Fresno is the Heart of the Valley, but the Valley is big enough, diverse enough, and unique enough to be celebrated as much more than any of the cities that make it up. From Bakersfield to Modesto, we are the Central Valley!

Our first EdCamp this year was motivated by a goal to connect with more Educators in the South Valley. We certainly saw some new faces and had the privilege to connect with some amazing people. That day we decided our Central Valley was worthy of a second Edcamp. This time we would support the North Valley. On May 18th we will have another great day of sharing and networking. South Valley or North Valley, EdCamp Central Valley will be a great professional development event that should not be missed.

Tell your friends, and we will see you there.