A Thank You to our Sponsors

posted May 14, 2013, 11:23 AM by Alison Lopez

Since Edcamp is free, we could not be offering this opportunity without the help of some amazing sponsors.  A Continental Breakfast is courtesy of the Merced County Office of Education and Troxell and a lunch buffet is being provided by our local Pizza Factory. 

We also have some great swag from Apple, Shmoop, Nearpod, Maxcases, iHomeEducator, Ebackpack, and Voki. 

We also need to thank CVCue and CCCue for their help in planning the event and helping us get the word out. 

We hope to see you Saturday!

EdCamp North Valley!

posted May 1, 2013, 3:28 PM by Matthew Schwartz

People ask me where I am from and I usually tell them Fresno or the Central Valley. It is often said that Fresno is the Heart of the Valley, but the Valley is big enough, diverse enough, and unique enough to be celebrated as much more than any of the cities that make it up. From Bakersfield to Modesto, we are the Central Valley!

Our first EdCamp this year was motivated by a goal to connect with more Educators in the South Valley. We certainly saw some new faces and had the privilege to connect with some amazing people. That day we decided our Central Valley was worthy of a second Edcamp. This time we would support the North Valley. On May 18th we will have another great day of sharing and networking. South Valley or North Valley, EdCamp Central Valley will be a great professional development event that should not be missed.

Tell your friends, and we will see you there.

It's EdCamp Weekend!

posted Feb 13, 2013, 11:18 AM by Matthew Schwartz   [ updated Feb 13, 2013, 11:19 AM ]

It has been great talking to fellow educators about Central Valley EdCamp. I'm looking forward to continuing the conversations that have already started.

I wanted to touch base on some of the questions that I have been asked. I will repost the answers on the F.A.Q's page as well.

To help get EdCamp started we will have coffee, orange juice, and bottles of water with bagels, donuts, and assorted muffins (our version of a continental breakfast).

Lunch is on your own. We have a local Taco Truck that will be available on campus. There are also some options in Downtown Laton. Hanford is the closest "big" city if you require other lunch options.

Wifi will be limited. We will be able to connect some of your devices, but devices with 3G/4G will be your best option. We are limited by the District Web Filter and the Authentication that it requires.

We will have Netbooks using Ubermix that you can check out and there are desktops available in the classrooms. Presentation equipment is available. Rooms either have projectors or promethean boards. There are also two rooms that utilize Apple Tv's.

Parking is either on the North Side of the Campus (on DeWoody St) or the East side (on Armstrong) between the cafeteria and the gym. We will meet in the morning in the cafeteria. It is the building in the picture with the orange star, next to the east campus parking lot on Armstrong.

Please contact us if you have any other questions.

I also would like to ask that you continue to let others know about Central Valley EdCamp. Looking forward to meeting everyone on Saturday.


Spreading the Word

posted Jan 24, 2013, 3:04 PM by Matthew Schwartz   [ updated Jan 24, 2013, 3:36 PM ]

As we quickly approach the three week countdown to the 2013 EdCamp Central Valley, final preparations are being completed and it's time to spread the word! Over the next couple of weeks the website will continue to develop and provide important and useful information to answer the questions you or other educators may have about EdCamp. Please help us direct people to the website's information. "Participant driven" definitely includes letting people know about this opportunity.

Continue to check the Promotion page for resources to help share EdCamp with others. If you have suggestions or comments please let us know how we can make this event better.

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