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In 8th grade, you never have nothing to do. Always be working on:
• Science Weekly Readings 
• Science Projects
• Book Projects over free reading books
• Read your free reading book

Theater Schedule Link: https://sites.google.com/a/cvcatholic.org/middleschool6thgrade/theater-schedule

8th Assignments

Religion Weekly Readings:
RWR#17 February 26- due March 9

RWR16 February 16- due Feb. 23

RWR15 February 2 February 9

RWR#14-January 19, 2015- due Jan. 26

RWR13 Due January 20

RWR11 January 5, 2015-due Jan. 12

RWR10 Dec. 14, 2014 -due Dec. 22

RWR9- A Decade After Tsunami (assigned 12/8-due 12/15)
                    Religion: Pope resigning articles
Read the Catholic News Service report here:

Text of the Pope's surprise announcement:

The first papal resignation in 600 years:

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