Connections - Employment Programs

The employment component of Connections has always been a high priority, and we are strongly devoted to providing work opportunities to all members that express the desire to work. Our employment programs include individual and group Transitional Employment placements, Supported Employment, and Independent Employment.

Our Transitional Employment (TE) program has a variety of community jobs placements available to members.  A staff person trains the member on the job.  The job placements are part-time and are six to nine months in duration so that the member has an opportunity to work and succeed and then move on to a different job.  This program is designed to strengthen work experiences and build confidence.  

The TE program also includes a group placement. The Lawn Crew consists of part-time, non-exempt employees of Catawba County and the lawn crew members are paid by the county. This crew is responsible for the lawn maintenance of 13 sites, two Adopt-A-Road pickup sites, and a landfill job debagging leaves. 

Our Supported Employment (SE) program assists members in obtaining and maintaining permanent full-time and part-time employment.  A staff member works full-time as the designated SE coordinator/job coach. The program is set up to assist members with job development and training, as needed, thereby opening doors for new opportunities and increased independence.

Several of our members have made the transition to Independent Employment. Assistance with independent employment is provided on an individual, as-needed basis. 

Connections is currently actively pursuing individual and group placements in the community (for both Transitional and Supported Employment positions). If you are interested in further information, please contact us by clicking here.